We deliver 3D Digital Twin technology to Power Plants across the United States 

We Enable:

streamlining operational training

simplifying asset management
improving repair & maintenance efficiencies

VPR brings together a management team with extensive knowledge of both Power Plant and 3D Digital Twin technology to deliver the ultimate solution

©2023 Virtual Plant Resources. All rights reserved.The power of the Digital Twin3Digitization of the physical worldA fundamental change to existing operating models is happening through digitization.This disruption is occurring in assetintensive industries and changing operating models,requiring an integrated physical and digital view of assets, equipment, facilities and processes.Digital twins are a vital part of that realignment.Adigital twinisthevirtual representation ofyourphysical asset.Itserves as the indistinguishable digital counterpart of that asset for multiple practicalpurposesAccessed remotely online, with security options, a Digital Twin will enable virtual visitors toremotely navigate around the spaceasiftheyweretherefrom any smart phone, tablet orcomputerIdeal for sites that are remote or, for safety reasons, can not be easily accessed