Virtual Plant Resources

Powered by 3D Digital Twins

From Manufacturing Facilities to Power Plants VPR delivers a full digital solution


Streamline Your Operational Training

Whether providing safety trainings or performing quality inspections, digital twins give project stakeholders secure, 24/7 access to the job site at any stage of the project.


Simplified Asset Management
Remove the need for manual measuring and expedite the creation of as-built models with high-density point clouds and LOD 200 BIM Files.


Efficiencies in Repair & Maintenance
Use a private version of the Digital Twin as your Building information Management system to share and record maintenance schedules and explore layout adjustments

Digitization Delivered.

Experience the Digital Advantage

Digitization of the Physical World

Digitization is a fundamental change to existing operational models within the facilities management industry.  As technology rapidly evolves, Digital Twins have emerged as a  ubiquitous aspect of management of sensitive facilities such as power plants and manufacturing plants.

This disruptive technology is changing operating models for asset intensive industries that require an integrated physical and digital view of assets, equipment, facilities and processes.

Large-scale capture with minimal disruption

Professional LiDAR Capture Experts

Virtual Plant Resources will work with your team to create a complete and accurate digital twin using best practices for on-site data capture. 

We focus on limiting any disruption to your business while ensuring that we have the most accurate and complete data capture possible.

From Capture to Completion

Building Information Model

We create a full Digital Twin of your power plant that enables remote access, virtual exploration, and acts as a training tool for employees and contractors on site at your power plant.  Our technicians combine 3D Data, panoramic imagery, 

Our Mission

VPR is a Digitization Company that brings together a management team with extensive knowledge of power Power Plant and 3D Digital Twin Technology to deliver the ultimate solution.

Within the power, oil and gas and chemical industries, organizations are reshaping their business models due to new technology trends.  This typically falls on the local engineers who are responsible to manage time, engineering data, cost and reporting expectations.  Engineering teams, therefore, are looking to use digital twin technology to help them make better decisions and get up to date information.

Virtual Power Resources aims to make acquisition and deployment of Digital Twin technology expedient and easy.